As an ASUC Chartered Program, we are here to serve the ASUC and the UC Berkeley student body. We are happy to collaborate with student organizations to develop promotional videos, cover student events, or anything else you can think of. As we do produce our own content as well and have many inquiries for collaborations, it is advised to contact us far ahead of the desired publishing date to have time for meetings, production and post-production. Depending on the length of the project, the process from start to finish can take 3 weeks or more. Whether or not we can work with you will depend on our capacity at that time.

What If We Are Not a Student Organization?

We also work with non-student organizations, both, UC Berkeley department and outside organizations/businesses. We typically do work for free, but a small donation goes a long way in moving the process along 😉. Otherwise, priority is given to student organizations and our own content.

CalTV is also available for hire to produce promotional material for businesses. Everything from producing video for advertisement to social media graphics. Contact us for more information!


Previous Collaborations

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