Felt Wanted (Trailer)
David Lovanovich loves his partner. David Lovanovich loves ceramics. David Lovanovich loves Two Broke Girls on CBS. Will David Lovanovich have the aptitude to fit in with the homies? Join him on his journey as he rushes a Jewish fraternity to find out!

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Starring: Avi Levin, Kennedy Tegan, Krish Gupta
Directed By: Avi Levin
Produced by: Kennedy Hocker
Written by: Avi Levin and Anthony Leo
Music Composition: Connor Medberry
Edited by: Avi Levin and Ava Richards
Director of Photography: Kennedy Tegan
Script Suprevisor: Kennedy Tegan
First AC: Ava Richards
Second AC: Lily Heisler
Sound: Krish Gupta

With special thanks to the Frottage, Berkeley AEPi, Ori Gal, Kira Farnham, Tracy Medberry, Kim Bogin, Juliette Fabre, Giana Arzola, Maddie Bushell, Gaby Senderov, Janet Yang, Kimia Adibi and the rest of CalTV!
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